Curia – August 2021

In Attendance: 10

Seneschal: September Crown is cancelled. There is a new insurance form on the Society website. Tayla has offered to host the September curia on the 21th.

Exchequer: We have money. We need to cut a check for the web domain renewal.

Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.

Webminister: We renewed the website domain.

A goblet from Sven’s Luau in 2018 was handed over to the seneschal for lost and found.

Curia – July 2021

In Attendance: 5

Seneschal: Heavy fighting practice and dance have started up again. Community Room at Crossroads is opening up for reduced capacity. Tayla has offered to host the August curia on the 17th.

Exchequer: We have money. Quarterly reports has been submitted.

Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.

Webminister: Nothing to report.

There will be a PDL camp at September Crown.

Curia – June 2021

In Attendance: 8

Seneschal: Practices and events are able to start again on 7/1. The Crossroads Community Room is closed indefinitely. July curia will be held outside – location to be determined.

Exchequer: We have money. Reports are coming up.

Arts & Sciences: Athenaeum is coming up and we are looking for moderator assistance.

Webminister: Nothing to report.

Curia – November 2020

In Attendance: 6

Seneschal: Confirmed the financial policy draft with the Kingdom Exchequer. Updated seneschal information in the Crier. 3rd Quarter report sent in.

Exchequer: We approved the financial policy presented last month. Current balance: $10,773.15. A member requested we transfer $1500 to the Barony of Madrone. Branch approved this transfer.

Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.

Webminister: Have been unable to deactivate the Herald FB account so far.

Madrone is seeking volunteers for Ethereal 12th Night.

The December curia will be a virtual party on January 2nd  2021.

Curia – October 2020

Seneschal: Nothing to report. The variance to hold the webminister’s office has been approved.

Exchequer: Went over the new and revised financial policy. Current balance: $10,772.97

Arts & Sciences: Nothing going on. Collegium is coming up.

Herald: Gave a lesson on heraldry to the KCLS tween club – about 4 people attended virtually.

Webminister : Have been unable to deactivate the Herald FB account so far.