Curia – November 2020

In Attendance: 6

Seneschal: Confirmed the financial policy draft with the Kingdom Exchequer. Updated seneschal information in the Crier. 3rd Quarter report sent in.

Exchequer: We approved the financial policy presented last month. Current balance: $10,773.15. A member requested we transfer $1500 to the Barony of Madrone. Branch approved this transfer.

Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.

Webminister: Have been unable to deactivate the Herald FB account so far.

Madrone is seeking volunteers for Ethereal 12th Night.

The December curia will be a virtual party on January 2nd  2021.

Curia – October 2020

Seneschal: Nothing to report. The variance to hold the webminister’s office has been approved.

Exchequer: Went over the new and revised financial policy. Current balance: $10,772.97

Arts & Sciences: Nothing going on. Collegium is coming up.

Herald: Gave a lesson on heraldry to the KCLS tween club – about 4 people attended virtually.

Webminister : Have been unable to deactivate the Herald FB account so far.

Curia – September 2020

Seneschal: Office transfers from HL Christopher Hawkins to Lady Margaret Palmer.

Exchequer: Found the financial policy and working to align it with the August Financial Policy 2019.

Arts & Sciences: Nothing going on

Webminister: Business meeting and website count as official communication – we don’t need an email list to be official.

Weekly socials will be reduced to monthly due to low attendance.

Forwarded the PDL herald email to the Webminister email. There is a Herald PDL Facebook account that I plan to deactivate.

Request from KCLS to hold a heraldry lesson for their tween club and help them come up with devices and blazons on 9/29. Request has been forwarded to An Tir Heralds. 

Emailed Kingdom Seneschal for a variance on holding two offices at once.

Curia – August 2020

Seneschal : First An Tirian virtual court happened last Friday. All in-person activities cancelled through January 2021. BoD would like members to renew early.

Exchequer : Need to do a roll-up of first two quarters for reporting purposes.

Arts & Sciences : Grand Ithra is coming up over Labor Day weekend. Collegium will be online.  

Herald: Nothing to report

Webminister : Need to set up an email list and/or need to check if FB is allowed as the singular official communication. Will check with Kingdom Webminister about existing PDL email list.

Event – No events this year

Curia – June 2020

Seneschal : Very little happening.

Exchequer : Nothing has happened.

Arts & Sciences : Virtual Atheneaum in late July, hosted by Madrone  

Herald: No commentary last month. The populace needs to vote to associate the Canton’s badge with the populace. Vote: Yes-8/No-1. Need someone to run the herald commentary days.

Webminister : Website has been migrated. The IONOS subscription has been cancelled. Some trouble switching the url over but has been resolved. Need to update the site with some requirements from the Kingdom Webminister’s Handbook.

Curia – May 2020

Seneschal : No events going on. Monthly seneschal meeting is tomorrow.

Exchequer : No checks written. We have money.

Arts & Sciences : Great Western War is cancelled. A potential Zoom instructional meeting is forthcoming. An tir events has a link to a virtual marketplace

Herald: Commentary meeting on 5/23. Known World Heraldic Symposium has been cancelled but will be held virtually.

Webminister : Website is being migrated. The url is in the middle of being transferred, will cancel the IONOS subscription when that completes. Need to update the site with some requirements from the Kingdom Webminister’s Handbook.

Event – We are considering pre-registration for the November event, assuming we can hold events of up to 50 people or more.

Curia – April 2020

Seneschal : Online Seneschal training this Thursday 7-8:30. Warrant is up at 12th Night, the position is open.

Exchequer : We are the first to turn in Exchequer report. We have money. A new financial policy needs to written.

Arts & Sciences : Athenaeum has been cancelled. We will hear shortly about an extension of the cancellation of SCA in-person events. Go check out the SCA dance videos.

Webminister : Talked with the Kingdom Webminister to move the website to the Kingdom website. Domain fee is $12/year, we currently pay $20/month. Teams is working well for this curia and social.

Herald : Online commentary group this Saturday.

The Presenting of the Pets has happened.

Curia – March 2020

We successfully held a virtual curia via Teams, with more people joining the meeting online then in our last two curias.

Seneschal : No in-person activities through May 10th.

Exchequer : Two checks deposited into the account. We have money.

Arts & Sciences : No library night until at least late May. We can use the virtual chat from the Teams meeting for future A&S meetings. Social night via Teams this Friday March 20 at 7PM.

Webminister : The Kingdom Webminister says we can keep the hosting name if we pay for it when we move to the Kingdom servers. Domain fee is $15/year. Will follow up with Kingdom Webminister about timelines for the move in this uncertain period. Teams is working well for this curia.

Herald : Commentary day last month – 3 commentators. Will potentially have another one, held virtually, later this month,

2020 Event : 2019 event site is available on 11/21/2020. Margaret will submit the event to the Calendar.

Curia – February 2020

Seneschal : No updates from kingdom. Madrone is having an event this Saturday.

Exchequer : Filed Doomsday report, wrote a check for the website hosting fees

Arts & Sciences : No updates.

Webminister : The Kingdom Webminister will soon require all branches to host their website on the kingdom site or give access to the site to the Kingdom Webminister. There was a question about whether we would keep our domain name if we moved to the kingdom site. Will follow up with the Kingdom Webminister.

2020 Event : Etienette has volunteered to event steward the Canton’s event, tentatively scheduled for 11/21. Margaret will confirm the availability of the 2019 site for that date.